Best Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Kids Webkinz Pets

Are you the parent of a child who loves plush toys and who loves using the internet to play fun, safe games?  If you are, you may want to consider buying Webkins pets, also commonly spelled Webkinz, for your child.

As nice as it is to hear that Webkins pets are neat and great for children, you may be looking for more information.  You may be curious as to why you should buy them for your child.  For your convenience, five reasons why you should buy Webkins pets for your child are outlined below.

Before focusing on reasons why you should buy Webkinz pets for your child, it is first important to know what they are.  Webkinz pets are plush animals that come in a number of different styles, including pandas and lions.  Attached to the plush animals are tags.  On one of those tags will be a Webkinz secret code.  This code can be used on the website and your child can adopt a virtual version on their plush pet.  They can then take care of their pet, by earning KinzCash, through the playing of games, to pay for food, medicine, and other accessories.

As for why you should buy Webkins pets for your child, please continue reading on.

1 – They Are Affordably Priced

Typically, you fill find that a Webkinz plush pet has a price tag of around $15 or less.  In all honesty, the price that you pay will depend on where you make the purchase from.  Each secret code lasts for one year and then another will have to be purchased.  Even so, this is a good deal.  Most electronic toys nowadays are high priced, with a price tag of $30 or more and that doesn’t even include the cost of additional books or cartridges.

2 – Two Toys for the Price of One

In keeping with cost, it is important to remember that you are essentially getting two toys for the price of one.  This is pretty neat when you stop and think about it.  In addition to getting a stuffed, plush animal, your child also gains access to a fun, yet safe virtual world.  As it was previously stated, most Webkins plush pets sell for around $15, with the secret code.  Once you examine all that your child gets to do on the Webkinz website, you may be surprised just how cheap and affordable it all is.

3 – Ideal for Children of All Ages

As it was previously stated, when you purchase a Webkins pet, you get a plush toy and a secret Webkinz code that can be used online.  According to the Webkinz website, their site is designed for children aged six and up.  This means that a large number of children can have fun, safely on the website.  With that said, the secret code does not actually have to be used.  If you have a young child, like a toddler or a preschooler, they may just want to have the cute plush animal.

4 – The Online, Virtual World Is Fun

As highlighted above, your child can earn KinzCash, which can be used to help take care of their pet.  For many adults, earning cash is work, but for children it can be loads of fun.  There are a number of different ways that your child can earn “cash,” to pay for their adopted pet’s care.  These ways are all fun.  Your child can play games, perform “jobs,” and take quizzes.  As a parent, you may actually be surprised how much fun it is for your child to do all of these things.

5 – Webkins Pets Can Teach Responsibility

Although Webkinz virtual pets will not die, they can become sick or they may need more food.  Your child will need to use their KinzCash to purchase these items for their pet.  When their money starts to run low, they will need to earn more.  This is a great lesson to teach your child.  Webkins pets and the website will help to teach your child about goal setting, responsibilities, and money management.