Design a Cute Webkinz Room

How to Design a Cute Webkinz Room

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A little step-by-step for you and a bunch of room ideas!


  1. You should purchase a new room, it helps you visualize your space better.
  2. Go to the W- Shop and get wallpaper and flooring.
  3. Put the wallpaper and flooring in the room
  4. Buy the furniture you like.
  5. Place the furniture wherever you want


  • Some good room ideas are: Hallways, Bathrooms, Party rooms, Living rooms, Theater(Using Movie Theater Theme), Film studio (use Webkinz studio), Gym, Cheer leading quarters, Tea Room, Football field, garage, driveways (use a yard)
  • Mixing two room themes that go together can be really cute.
  • Try fitting as much stuff in without making it look cluttered.
  • Use rare items and exclusives OR superbeds to make the best room ever!!!
  • Try mixing and matching the walls and floors, don’t use a theme that’s was already matched together, to keep it from getting pricy, use paint brushes and neutral blank colors. Then use the furniture to brighten up the room!


  • Do not use the coupon cheat!
  • Do not ever give out your password!

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