How To Know That Your Child Is Ready For Webkinz

Are you a parent?  If you are, your child may be interested in having a Webkins pet.  As much as your child may want one of these popular toys, you may be wondering if they are ready for one.

Before you even start determining whether or not your child is ready for a Webkins pet, it is first important to know what they are.  Webkins pets, also commonly spelled as Webkinz, is what you could call a duel toy.  You start by purchasing a plush character toy, which is often an animal.  Attached to that animal is a tag, which has a secret Webkinz code.  This code can be entered in online and it allows a similar, virtual pet to be adopted.  Through the use of computer games, quizzes, and other fun activities, your child can earn virtual cash, which will be used to care for their pet.

Now that you know what the ever so popular Webkins pets are all about, you may still be wondering if they are right for your child.  For starters, is your child old enough to use the computer or would you like them to start using the computer soon?  If so, a Webkinz pet may be a good idea.  Although some parents start out their children with using the internet at an early age, the Webkinz website, states that their website is designed best for those between the ages of 6 to 13.

Another sign that your child may be enough to have and play with the popular Webkins toys is if your child is old enough to play with stuffed animals.  Unfortunately, this is an important point that not all parents take into consideration.  Yes, Webkinz do come with a secret code that can unlock a world of fun online, but that code doesn’t necessarily have to be used.  If your child is around the age of three and up, they should be able to safely just play with the plush animal.  If you want, you could sell the tag online, like on eBay or another similar website, or you could give it to a friend.

If your want to teach your child about responsibility, a Webkinz pet may be just what they need.  As it was previously stated, a plush toy will have a tag with a secret code.  This code enables your child to adopt an online version of their plush toy.  Once you have setup an account for them online, which is free to do if you have a secret code, the fun begins for your child.  They can start by naming their pet, decorating its room, and feeding it.  Your child will also be able to earn virtual cash, which is referred to as KinzCash on the website, by playing games and other fun activities.  That “cash,” can be spent on pet food, medical care, and so on.  Your child can learn the importance of proper care where “living,” things are concerned and they can also learn how to manage their money.

As previously stated, your child may be ready for a Webkins pet if they use the computer.  With that said, if you would like your child to start using the computer, they may also make a great gift for your child.  The secret code, which unlocks a world of fun on the Webkinz website, also connects your child to a fun and safe environment.  Your child can communicate with their friends through a safe chat room like setting.  They even have an option, which is titled KinzChat Plus, where only approved words from their restricted dictionary can be used.  This means that your child will not be subject to talk that can be considered rude and inappropriate.

As a reminder, you have the ability, as a parent, to purchase your child a Webkins pet even if you don’t think that they are ready for one.  With that said, Webkinz can also be used as an educational tool, as they can each your child about responsibility and money management.