Pet of the Month

The Pet of the Month Program Details

The Webkinz Pet of the Month is an exciting monthly program in Webkinz World where a specific plush pet is spotlighted and celebrated with special gifts and special events all month.

We have compiled some common questions about the program and have provided answers below.

1) What do you get for adopting a Pet of the Month?

When you finish adopting your Pet of the Month, and you go to your pet’s room, you will receive a Loot Bag. Click on the Loot Bag and it will open to reveal your prizes!
You will receive:
1 One random*** Pet of the Month Item not available anywhere else!
2 One of our latest special recipe foods. Many of these recipes are still undiscovered!
3 A W-Shop Coupon to use however you’d like.
4 Between 500 and 1000 KinzCash as a special bonus!
Note: If you adopt multiple pets at the same time, you MUST select each pet from the My Pets page to get their Loot Bag.
***SPECIAL NEWS FOR COLLECTORS: If you adopt multiple Pet of the Month pets on the same account, you will NOT receive duplicates!
We will look at your account, find an item you don’t have, and award it to you! Note that if you sell or trade an item, you won’t have it anymore, so you may get it again. Also, if you have all of items, you will of course get a duplicate.

2) Does the Pet of the Month have to be the specific pet shown?

Yes. Only the specific pet shown on the Pet of the Month page is eligible for the Pet of the Month gift. This means that if the Brown Arabian Horse was the Pet of the Month, the Black Friesian is not the Pet of the Month, even though they are both horses.

3) Does the Lil’ Kinz version count?

If the plush pet is the full-sized Webkinz pet, then no, the Lil’ Kinz version does not count. Lil’ Kinz will appear as the Pet of the Month from time to time, and will have the Lil’ Kinz logo on their image. In these cases, ONLY the Lil’ Kinz pets will count.

4) Will you be making more Pet of the Month items?

We sure will. We’ll be making new ones on a regular basis, just like our regular Exclusive Items.

5) Do I still receive my regular pet adoption gift box?

You sure do. The Pet of the Month Loot Bag is a special bonus on top of everything you regularly get for adopting a pet.

6) Once I get the gift, is there anything else special about the Pet of the Month?

There sure is! Watch the Today’s Activities page all month for special Pet of the Month events! These special events are for members who have adopted the Pet of the Month AT ANY TIME. As long as there is at least one Pet of the Month on your account, regardless of when it was adopted, you will be able to play in these special events.

7) When will you announce next month’s pet of the month?

Future pets will be regularly announced on the first of each month.

8) Will that pet have the same prizes?

Yes. Pet of the Month Loot Bags are not pet specific. All will include the prizes indicated above.

8) What if I already own the Pet of the Month?

You won’t get the Loot Bag, but you still can enjoy the Pet of the Month Activities. If you bought the Pet of the Month but haven’t activated it yet, wait to do it until that pet’s month.

We hope that you enjoy our exciting Pet of the Month program. Have fun in Webkinz World!
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