Why Owning a Webkins Virtual Pet is Great for Children

Are you the parent of a child who wants to have their own Webkinz, also commonly spelled Webkins, virtual pet? If you are, you may be looking for more information. Your child may tell you how “cool,” Webkinz are and how many of their friends have them, but you may still be curious.

For starters, you may wonder if the Webkinz.com website is safe. After all, the internet can be dangerous for some children. The good news is that the Webkinz website is safe to use. Ganz, the company behind the scenes has taken a lot of steps to ensure that children can have a fun and safe time with their Webkinz virtual pet. Although younger and older children can use the website, they state that their website is best designed for those between the ages of six and thirteen.

When examining the Webkinz website, you will see that KinzCash is used. KinzCash is virtual reality cash that your child can earn and spend. Although it can be used to purchase “extras,” like a mini-movie making studio for pets, most kids will use their KinzCash to care for their pets. They do this by buying furniture, other neat accessories, and medicine when their pet gets sick. As for why this is great for your child, it teaches them legitimate ways to make money. On the website, they do so by playing fun games and doing other activities. Your child can also learn the importance of money management.

As it was previously stated, your child can earn KinzCash, which is virtual money, when they play games and do other fun activities on the website. From the standpoint of a parent, you may take comfort in knowing that these games are educational in nature. Many games, such as Lunch Letters, promote typing and spell. Even the arcade style games are educational in nature, as they promote the use of logical thinking.

When reviewing the activities that your child can do online, you may see the Wishing Well and the Wheel of Wow. At first glance, these may look like activities that promote gambling, but they do not. Your child does not have to place a wager with their KinzCash, like you must with gambling. Instead, various prizes are awarded randomly to those who visit the areas.

Another aspect of adopting a virtual Webkinz pet that is neat is the ability to play with friends. If your child has friends who also have virtual pets, they can interact together on the website. Your child can give their friends their pet’s name or their screen name. Your child can play online games in the tournament format against their friends. They can also chat online with them, but it isn’t like a traditional online chat room. In the KinzChat area your child cannot type their own messages. Instead, they must choose messages from a prewritten, approved list.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why owning a virtual Webkins pet is great for children, especially those between the ages of six and thirteen. If you are looking for fun ways to teach your child about responsibility, goal setting, and money management, a Webkinz virtual pet may be just what they need. To get started, use the internet or visit one of your local retail stores to purchase a Webkinz plush animal, which will come with a secret access code.

February 15th, 2009