Mazin’ Hamsters

Mazin’ Hamsters

The Mazin’ Hamsters feature arrived in Webkinz World in July 2010. By entering the feature code off of a plush or virtual Hamster, players gain access to a new 3D feature in Webkinz World. Players must have a Webkinz World account to activate a Hamster; a Hamster cannot be used to create a new account.

On October 1, 2010, Webkinz World players were given the ability to play with Hamsters in Webkinz World like a normal pet. Hamsters can be dressed, fed and taken to the Academy. However, Hamsters do not count toward extending the expiration date on your account. They do not come with adoption gifts, and they do not count toward your adoption total for receiving SuperBed gift boxes.

To use the 3D Webkinz World feature, players must first download a free program called “Unity Web Player”. This is the program that makes everything appear in “3D”. Without this program, the feature will not work. To download “Unity Web Player”, just go to the Mazin’ Hamster feature in Webkinz World. If your system does not have the program, you will be prompted to download it. This download only takes a couple of minutes.

Mazin’ Hamster Pets

Mazin’ Hamsters are available in plush form from your favorite Webkinz Retailer and in online-only form from the Ganz eStore. There are many different Hamsters to collect. See if you can collect them all.

Hamster Hamlet

The Hamlet has a number of sections in it.

The Hamster Hamlet, added in October 2010, is a special section of Mazin’ Hamsters that allows your pet to complete explore and complete challenges to win prizes, KinzCash, and Mazin’ Moolah.

There are also three Daily Activities in Mazin’ Hamsters: Moolah Mountain, Key Craze, and Gift Grab. All of these activities are also found in the Hamster Hamlet section of Mazin’ Hamsters.

Special prizes are available in the “Beat the Clock” Hamlet Challenges, and the four challenges are: Hidden Objects, Matching Pairs, Zum Round Up, and Find the Flags.

Play Mazes

Players can take their Hamsters into the Play Mazes section of Mazin’ Hamsters to race and explore mazes for Mazin’ Moolah and Trophies. Players are able to select between Challenge & Beat the Clock Mazes (mazes created by Ganz) and Community Mazes (mazes created by Webkinz World players). Players can only win trophies in the Challenge & Beat the Clock Mazes.

Create Mazes

Members can create their own mazes to race and explore in. This can done in the Create Mazes section of Mazin’ Hamsters. Players also have the option to publish their mazes so that other Webkinz World players from around the globe can explore and race in them.

Mazin’ Mall

Players can spend the Mazin’ Moolah they earn at the Mazin’ Mall. Players can purchase parts for their mazes new balls for their Hamsters to race in and even items for their Webkinz World houses.