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Hi there and welcome to Deals Webkinz – Best Deals Webkinz Store. The best source to find the latest Webkinz pets, retired Webkinz, Lil’Kinz, cheap Webkinz, Webkinz Accessories, Webkinz Clothing as well as some of the most highly sought after pets such as the Love Puppy and the Sherbet Bunny. On this site you might even find the one that your friends don’t have yet. Be sure and check out the Webkinz articles and Webkinz video pages where you will find other fun stuff to do as well. Stay awhile and have some fun.

Thanks for visiting Deals Webkinz and have a great Webkinz day. Buy Ganz Webkinz here!

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I would like to offer up some helpful hints when bidding on a Webkinz or Lil’ Kinz. Bear in mind that these are virtually sold out online and in stores. With some careful bidding, you can own your very own Webkinz or Lil’ Kinz.

1. Read the entire auction listing thoroughly to determine whether your bid is for an ON HAND item or a PRE SALE item. On hand means Ready to Ship. Pre Sales means that you have to wait an undetermined amount of time before you will receive your item. In a rapidly changing environment where supply and demand fluctuate, you may want to think twice about tying up your money.
2. Make sure that the item you bid on has a SEALED tag with an UNUSED code. If you receive a Webkinz or Lil’ Kinz whose code has been used, you WILL NOT be allowed membership in the Webkinz World – NO MATTER WHAT.
3. Many sellers post Ganz’s stock photo of the item. Request a photo of the actual item for sale. This is the only way you can gauge the condition. Ask for close-up photos of sealed tags. I have noticed that many Lil’ Kinz have been listed on Ebay as a Webkinz.
4. Most importantly, once you receive your Webkinz or Lil’ Kinz, DO NOT lose the code. Ganz will not issue a new code. The only way to gain membership into the Webkinz World will be to buy another Webkinz or Lil’ Kinz.
5. Lastly, if you’ve already purchased a Webkinz or Lil’ Kinz and you have children, let me say one thing: Go ahead and opened the sealed tag and let your kids log on to the Webkinz website. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they learn without even knowing that they are learning!!

If you are looking for cheap Webkinz by Ganz (sometimes spelled Webkins) then you have come to the right place as Deals Webkinz – Best Deals Webkinz Store has the latest Webkinz with the secret code attached as well as Webkinz clothes, Webkinz Trading Cards and all the Webkinz Accessories that you will ever need. On this Webkinz website you can purchase your new virtual pet to add to your collection while keeping an eye out for great Webkinz deals on the latest Webkinz, retired Webkinz or any of the other Webkinz merchandise available.


What are Webkinz?

Webkinz are toy stuffed animals that were originally released by the Ganz company on April 29, 2005. The toys are similar to many other small plush toys; however, each Webkinz toy has an attached tag with a unique “Secret Code” printed on it that allows access to the “Webkinz World” website. On Webkinz World, the Secret Code allows the user to own a virtual version of the pet for virtual interaction.
There are also smaller, less expensive versions of the toys called Lil’ Kinz as well as larger, slightly more expensive versions in the Signature collection launched in early 2009.
In June 2008, Ganz opened the Webkinz eStore, where users can buy virtual items such as furniture, clothing, charms, and online-only pets. eStore items can only be used in conjunction with an active Webkinz or Webkinz, Jr. account.
Sales of plush Webkinz and Lil’kinz are limited to the United States and Canada; however virtual pets can be purchased from the eStore by international residents. Secret Codes issued in conjunction with virtual pets can be used the same way as Secret Codes attached to plush pets.
When the Ganz gift company developed their soft toy line Webkinz they had no idea that they were opening the doors for a multi-million dollar franchise. With over 2 million Webkinz sold, there was a time when there was a shortage of Webkinz in the market. But before we discuss the creation of Webkinz any further the first thing to discuss is what a Webkinz is? A Webkinz is a stuffed toy available in a variety of avatars, but the fact that a Webkinz can be a Kangaroo, Butterfly, or Duck is nothing special. What is different is that a Webkinz comes with a small tag with a number on it. A Webkinz owner can use the special number to register with the Webkinz website.
Once a Webkinz owner signs himself up the owner gets access to the world of Webkinz. There are currently over one million registered users on the Webkinz website. Every time a Webkinz owner registers with the site he or she is given a virtual pet. The owner of the Webkinz can then assign his or her virtual pet a name, gender and also choose an avatar. Essentially a user ‘adopts’ a virtual pet online. Once a Webkinz owner has adopted a pet online, a Webkinz owner is given a room, and some virtual furniture to decorate the room. Each virtual pet has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages, and must be fed using a special food item assigned to it.
A person buying more than one Webkinz can register with the site, and adopt pets in addition to his or her existing pets. On adopting ten virtual pets a Webkinz owner gets a special bed called a “super bed” and also gets 2000 of the virtual currency called Kinzcash. Also a Webkinz owner gets a “rare item” on addition of every subsequent pet after the first.
Just like the real world, all activity on the website is centered on spending and earning of Kinzcash. Users can use Kinzcash to buy items, have their pet examined if its gets sick (yeah the pets actually get sick) and to curry favor with other online players. In addition to making the virtual world similar to the real world, online pets have various properties attributed to them.
Adopted pets have a happiness meter, a health meter, and a hunger meter. So in essence a Webkinz owner has to log on to the website regularly to play and entertain the pet. If the levels of any of the previously mentioned meters fall the pet takes ill and has to be taken to ‘Dr. Quacks’ for treatment, however taking the pet to Dr. Quacks usually costs Kinzcash.

Unlike other sites a Webkinz virtual pet can never die, it can get sick but it can never die. The current membership duration is one year, after the first year a user gets a 30 day grace period in which a member is expected to renew his / her membership (only real cash accepted!). People with more than one Webkinz can usually enjoy longer duration of membership as they have more than one adopted pet.
Each Webkinz stuffed animal and Webkinz accessory comes with an 8-character code. By registering this code on the Webkinz website, you “adopt” this pet in the virtual Webkinz World. Without the Secret Code, the user may not get access to the Webkinz world. Toy animals that are missing tags are not supposed to be sold by retailers, and removal of the tags without purchasing the animal is considered shoplifting. If a user forgets a login name and password, they can always go back to the Secret Code to gain access. Without the Secret Code, a user cannot recover a lost account. Currently, accounts expire within one year, unless another Webkinz animal is purchased, and that animal added to the user account.
Webkinz, a Ganz website offers you services such as online games featuring your favorite webkinz pets, lets you take a virtual tour of the webkinz, a Ganz website, gives you the online catalogue, which is different for different pets of your choice and the site also features trading cards through which you can trade points with other users and end up winning goodies and Kinzcash. The Kinzcash can then later be exchanged with goodies on offer on the website.

Other sections of the website contain a help section, an international edition and options to get the site text in the language of your preference. Other options include an online shopping store and a parent’s area. The parent’s area in itself is an all-shop stop for parents of children who are into Webkinz pets. Parents can get advice on how to enhance the educational values of their Webkinz toys and acquire related knowledge pertaining to effectively using their children’s’ Webkinz toys. All these features allow you to navigate the site with ease, and let you worry about nothing except playing with your favorite online Webkinz pets and taking care of them online.
It is a Webkinz world after all.

What kinds of Webkinz have been made?

There are many types of Webkinz. Some normal pets, some wild animals, some mythical creatures, and some completely made up.

See the List of Webkinz stuffed animals for a complete list of pets.

Webkinz Product Description

Meet the Webkinz, lovable plush pets with a secret code that lets you enter Webkinz World. With it, you enter Webkinz World where you care

for your virtual pet, answer trivia, earn KinzCash, and play the best kids games on the net! Learning and loving awaits a new Webkinz or

Lil’ Kinz owner. These velvety-soft plush pets are made for hugs!

The Webkinz World is an online play area with its own economy. The user receives money (called KinzCash) by adopting new pets, playing online games, answering general knowledge questions, and through daily activities like clicking “I love my Webkinz!”, spinning the Wheel of WOW, playing Wishing Well 2, or completing jobs (minigames) available once every 8 hours. Each day, there is a Game of the Day which can be played for bonus KinzCash, and other bonuses are available each hour, full days on weekends and afternoons only on weekdays. With each Webkinz toy purchased, more money, rooms, and items are added to the user’s account.
Users can spend their KinzCash at what is called the W Shop, where they can purchase food and clothing for their pet, items for their pet’s room or to build additional rooms onto their house, or outdoors areas etc. Users can decorate a room for their pet with pre-made themes, or mix and match their own furniture.
The online world also contains many rare or exclusive items. Some of these items require developing a friendship with the Curio Shop owner to purchase, while others are obtained by registering other Webkinz accessories purchased in the real world. Each type of pet gets a special food available exclusively for them. Also, a Pet of the Month is announced at the beginning of each month. If a person registers the announced pet in that month, they will receive other exclusive items.
Many of the tasks in Webkinz World involve collecting items. For example, recipes are released for the players through cookbooks or one of the TV Shows called The Secret Chef. “Gems” can be mined once a day at the Curio Shop, with a full set of gems being turned into the Webkinz Crown of Wonder and buy exclusive items. A similar feature, called Alyssa’s Star Hunt, involves users clicking on colored stars to find valuable stars. Customers can also go to Dr. Quack for a check up on their Webkinz’ health.

Other features of Webkinz include:

  • The ability to create shows with the Webkinz Studio, and enter to be chosen to appear on the Webkinz television.
  • Buying a swimming pool, where Webkinz can swim around to improve their health.
  • Sending gifts or letters to friends on a peer-to-peer network.
  • Invite a friend over to your house, where you can chat and interact with some board games and items.
  • Participate in the hourly events, which can earn you prizes, KinzCash, and coupons, among other things.
  • Play Wacky Bingoz, a form of Bingo where you get one, two, and three ball games every day.
  • Brushing your pets teeth, hair, washing paws / feathers / feet etc, bathing.
  • W-Plus & Webkinz Trading Cards
    Aside from the Webkinz and Lil’ Kinz pets, Ganz also has made other toys that can be used on Webkinz World. These are called W-Plus items, and all W-Plus items come with a secret code that can be used in the Code Shop in Webkinz World. These codes unlock items for the Webkinz pets, like new room themes, clothing for pets, kinzcash, and other prizes.

    These are all of the W-Plus items Ganz has released:

  • Body spray and lip gloss–unlocks a piece of furniture for the Salon theme
  • Clothing for the Webkinz stuffed toys–unlocks KinzStyle bag, which can be used to access the KinzStyle shop. The KinzStyle shop contains clothing that can’t be found anywhere else.
  • Charms–gives access to Charm Forest, an area of Webkinz World. The more charms are collected, the more prizes a user can get from the Charm Forest.
  • Bookmarks–unlocks a Book Bag, allowing the user to choose one free book in Webkinz World.
  • Mouse pads–unlocks an exclusive Mouse Pad Art Print, a hanging poster of the mousepad.
  • School supplies–unlocks exclusive KinzPost stationary.
  • Pet carriers–allows user to assemble an exclusive wardrobe from four choices.
  • Figurines–unlocks a virtual figurine and a unique prize (varies by figurine); also unlocks a display case that can be used to hold all the figurines.
  • Wacky Zingoz plush toy–gives access to Wacky Zingoz Extreme, an exclusive version of the game Wacky Zingoz (see List of Webkinz games)
  • Webkinz Trading Card binders–unlocks two exclusive podiums to hold the virtual binders.
  • Webkinz Trading Cards
    There are four series of Webkinz Trading Cards, of which two can be used (in virtual form) to play the challenge game. The trading cards come in booster packs, with 5 playing cards and a code card in each pack. In these packs there are also chances of getting special cards as well, like free pet codes. In series one you can also get Curio Shop Curiosities and Webkinz Doodlez. In series two there is At Paw Level and W-Tales Snapshots instead. These special cards are foil. For series one 80 base cards have been released, 12 challenges, 8 Curio Shop Curiosities and 8 Webkinz Doodlez. In series two there are 85 base cards, 15 challenges, 8 At Paw Levels and 8 W-Tales Snapshots. The cards are also W-Plus items, and they each come with 2-5 codes. 1 code on each card is for a virtual pack of trading cards, while the other 1-4 can unlock prizes like rare and exclusive themes or coupons. Series 3 changed the format, with only ONE feature code per pack, and no code for a virtual pack. The packs also included stickers and a chance to win a previously unheard-of pet, the Magical Retriever. Also, Ganz has said that each Series 3 code gives you an item you cannot find anywhere else in Webkinz World. Series 4 has also been released, and the prize pet, the Mystical Panda, replaces the Magical Retriever.

    Webkinz Games
    Webkinz World has many Webkinz games in which players can play to earn money (called Kinzcash). The website also has a wide range of multiplayer games for users to play against their friends, and people they don’t know.

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