Become a Fan of Webkinz

How to Become a Fan of Webkinz

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Become a fan of webkinz by following these steps. With a little bit of time(And a little bit of money)you can become a big webkinz fan!


  1. Buy a Webkinz or Lilkinz if you don`t already have one.
  2. Play with it at least every day until you find something you really like on the site.
  3. Get every Webkinz thing (and at least some Webkinz). Trading cards, figures, and charms are examples.
  4. Get to know the characters. For example if Arte is too gruff to you, he probably doesn’t know you much yet.
  5. Make or buy webkinz clothes! Webkinz look so much cuter when dressed than with no clothes. Even if you just cut out an old tee shirt it will still work!
  6. Go to webkinz fansites such as and join the forums and talk to people
  7. Play with them offline. Go outside and play,or make a webkinz house with your webkinz. That way,you aren’t online all day.
  8. Ask for webkinz for Christmas!


  • Do Chores. So,you can buy more webkinz stuff with out begging your parents.
  • Don’t beg. Don’t throw fits and scream to get webkinz stuff. Calmly ask. Don’t say “Please oh please oh pleeeaaassee!Can I get webkinz??!!”jumping up and down begging,and scream and sob when they say no. Simply ask,”Mom may I please get a webkinz? I will clean my room.”


  • It’s not a competition! Don’t scream in your friend’s face “Oh I have way more webkinz than you!”If you have more than them.
  • Make an acceptable name on webkinz. Don’t make innapropriate names or racist. Try normal names!

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