Trading Cards

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Webkinz Trading Cards are now available for you to collect, trade, and play awesome games with.

Feature Description

The cards come in packs, which have different categories on each card. Each pack comes with a feature code which enables the child to go online and see what special surprise they have gotten for their online Webkinz pet!

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Trading Cards

What are Trading Cards

About Webkinz Trading Cards

The first series of Webkinz Trading Cards includes 80 base set cards featuring your favorite Webkinz pets, characters, items and recipes for you to collect and enjoy. You can also collect these three exciting subsets of cards:

Challenge Cards

These cards are used in the exciting “Challenge” game we’ve designed. You can play against one friend or more. You can play with just your cards, combine your cards together, or even build your own decks to really test your skills! There are 15 Challenge Cards to collect.

You can also play the Trading Card Challenge game online in the Tournament Arena. You do not need any of your own cards to play this game – anyone can play! If you haven’t tried this game yet, check it out today – it’s a ton of fun!

Read more about the game here.

Curio Shop Curiosities

See your favorite rare items close up on these all FOIL cards. Find out the history of these special items and even read what Arte himself has to say about them. These are 8 Curiosities to collect.

Webkinz Doodlez

Get an inside glimpse at these never-before-seen sketches by our Webkinz artists. These all FOIL cards will also give you insight into how we design the characters, games and items that end up in Webkinz World. There are 8 Doodlez to collect.

Excited? Well, we’re just getting started. Every pack of cards also includes one card with not just one, but up to FIVE Feature Codes!

What are feature codes? Feature Codes make collecting even more exciting. Type your Feature Code into the Code Shop and you’ll unlock a virtual prize for your Webkinz pets (you must have an active Webkinz account to use Feature Codes)! Every Feature Code card includes between one and four codes that unlock random prizes, and one code for a free pack of Virtual Trading Cards (Virtual Pack will contain different cards than your real pack). That’s right, you can collect Webkinz Trading Cards online as well!

What are the prizes you ask? That would be spoiling the fun, but let’s just say that there are tons of food, coupons, KinzCash, rare items from the Curio Shop, and some really exciting exclusive items that can only be unlocked with Trading Card Feature Codes. Here is just one of those items:

Webkinz Trading Cards Bed

A few lucky members will even unlock the ENTIRE Egyptian Theme or 50,000 KinzCash!