Be Safe in Webkinz Kinzchat Plus

How to Be Safe in Webkinz Kinzchat Plus

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Webkinz kinzchat plus is a fun way to interact with friends. Webkinz does a great job moderating kinzchat plus, but sometimes users will misspell words purposely, or just find their way around. Read this article to find out how to find those creeps, and just have some fun interacting with other users and being safe.


  1. Ask your parents.Your parents will probably say yes but just in case they don’t want you to it’s best to ask (so you don’t get in trouble later.)
  2. Do some research. Find out more about kinzchat plus. Maybe some people are just weird. If any people who seem weird talking about their actions in kinzchat plus, say any times that they plan on visiting kinzchat plus, don’t go at that time. This will help even more to avoid perverts.
  3. See if a friend will go on with you. If allowed, ask a close friend to go on kinzchat plus with you. Even though must of the time people with friends don’t have webkins, you could tell him/her that it’s your first time, and to just show you what it’s like. Also, so you wont be left out since sometimes nobody talks to you.
  4. Log on to webkinz. Decide a kinzchat plus area to visit. Dress appropriately for this room. For example, if you want to visit the Girls Rule room, girly clothes would be a good idea. If it’s the garden yard, try swimsuits, or play clothes.
  5. Start chatting, Start out by going up to a webkinz and simply saying any greeting. After they reply, start talking. Make sure there isn’t a little icon over their head. That icon means they’re playing a game, and they wont be able to hear you. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing talking to them, if they can’t hear you?
  6. Identify what they say.For example, if they say anything racist, dating, or personal, then report them. To report a user, click the icon that looks like a badge next to the big button that says “Switch Room”. Ignoring you, or saying something like, “Nice Outfit. Not.”is something that you can’t report. You should ignore any annoying users or tell them to stop. If they don’t stop, then you can report them.
  7. Watch what you say, too! Just because you think it may not be offending to you, doesn’t mean it wont be offending to others. They will report you too. Apologize if you realize you went a little too far on a comment. They also can report you after you leave if you are offending or mean.
  8. Just have fun! This is safer than a boring old chat room, and way more fun! Just have fun. This is nothing to worry about.

Reporting a user

  1. Identify what they say. If it’s mean, racist, dating, or annoying then report it. If it’s just annoying, ask them to stop. Then, if they don’t stop, go ahead and report them.
  2. Click on the badge sign. It’s next to the sign that says, “Switch Room”.
  3. Now, click on all the information. It shows recent and current users. Click on whoever wrote the inappropriate stuff, and what category it falls into. Make sure that you remember their name, or else you can’t report them.
  4. Now you’re done. You may get a message from webkinz world telling you not to use the report tool. This wont happen unless you report for a silly reason, like somebody telling you to stop doing something.


  • It’s fine to be funny, but be careful what you say! You don’t want to be banned from the clubhouse, do you?
  • Don’t try to make them bring up inappropriate words. You can get reported. Saying things like, “Do you like me a lot?”, “Want to be together?”, or “wanna kiss?” will get you into trouble.
  • Show your own style in clothes, or words. When dressing your pet, don’t be all matchy. Add your own flair to it! Use any style in your words, like “Oh, Chickens!”if something goes wrong. But again, watch what you say.
  • Bring the pet you like most. You probably like all your pets the same, but take the one whose name you like most, or you haven’t played with for the longest. Or maybe, the most exotic pet, or common pet.
  • If asked how many Webkinz you have, it’s okay to misspell words to tell the user. But anything else is not allowed for you to purposely misspell.
  • If you have two accounts, and one gets banned from kinzchat plus DON’T use the other one! Ganz might catch you and ban both accounts permanently.


  • Be safe! Sometimes, people ask what school you go to, or something. If this happens, then all you have to do is ignore them.
  • If you are left out, like people wont talk to you, or even talk about you, then say “Hello? I’m right here!”and see what happens. If they still ignore you, leave. Who wants to sit there when nobody talks to you, or talks about you.

Things You’ll Need

  • A Webkinz account
  • Access to kinzchat plus
  • Webkinz

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