Earn Kinzcash on Webkinz

How to Earn Kinzcash on Webkinz

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Earning KinzCash on webkinz can be hard. I know all the tricks that will make it Super Easy!


  1. Playing games in the Arcade is a great way to earn Kinzcash… you can even win a trophy!
  2. Go to My Pets in Things to do, then press Daily Kinzcare. Click on “I love my Webkinz”. You earn kinzcash and a food treat.
  3. Go to the Wheel of Wow. You never know what you’ll get!
  4. Visit the Employment office, earn up to 350 kinzcash at once!
  5. Play the arcade game Wishing Well 2. You never know how much you can win!
  6. Do the Surveys. They are in the Contact us section. You’ll get 50 Kinzcash twice a week. Plus a happiness boost!
  7. Answer Trivia Questions at Quizzy’s. That’s one of the easiest ways to earn loads of Kinzcash.


  • Some games pay more than others so try different games.
  • The tournament arena is a great place to play. If you win a challenge you get extra KinzCash.

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