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The My Twinn doll head is made from high quality polyurethane petroleum based vinyl with beautiful natural skin tones. The body consists of a plastic armature covered with polyurethane foam tucked inside of soft cloth. The arms from the elbows to the fingers and the legs from the knee to the toes are created of the same high quality vinyl as the head. The hair is of the highest quality modacrylic fiber, lifelike in look and feel, and is professionally styled and cut for a beautiful likeness. My Twinn dolls are 23″ tall and include 18 points of poseability.

We create each doll to resemble a photo, provided by the customer, of the child between the ages of 3 and 12. The customer chooses the skin color, eye color, and hair color, as well as the hair style and texture. From the photos provided, our Artisans choose a face shape that matches an overall likeness of the child and then assembles each doll, complete with custom eyebrows hand-painted by our Artisans and hairstyling by our Hair-stylists. Each personalized doll is created as it is ordered.

My Twinn offers 3 “Meet” outfits to choose from, one of which the doll will come home in to “meet” your special little girl. The current “meet” outfits are Sweet U pajamas, pink and black satin print dress and the pink petal pajamas. The Personalized doll is priced at $149, if you would like to add the Girl’s matching outfit the price is $199 plus shipping and any applicable taxes.

A confirmation page with the links to upload your photos and freckling will be provided once your order is submitted. Photos must be under 1MB and in a jpg. format. My Twinn dolls can take up to 4 weeks to create once we have received the photos and/or freckling information.

Doll size

The Customized My Twinn dolls are made from high quality vinyl with beautiful natural skin tones. The dolls have a cuddly cloth soft body. The hair is of the highest quality, lifelike in look and feel, and is professionally styled and cut for a beautiful likeness. My Twinn dolls are 23″ tall and include 18 points of poseability for more active play.

The poseable My Twinn Girl doll comes in one of the following outfits: the Pink Butterflies outfit, Pink Petal pajamas, Sweet U pajamas or the Black Satin print dress.

My Twinn is famous for handcrafting dolls to look like your child. They have several face sculpts, skin tone shades, eye colors, and wig colors in different lengths as well as colors and styles. They feel every girl is special in her own way and offer lots of themed doll outfits and accessories to express individual interest. Each My Twinn Friend doll is 23 inches tall with a soft, cuddly and durable body. They have 18 points of poseability for lifelike movement. They take great care in details and even use the highest quality of hair that is styled and cut by professional hairdressers. The My Twinn Toddlers are slightly smaller at 20 inches and also have the soft cuddly poseable bodies. All our My Twinn dolls come to you new from the factory in their original box. We have taken many pictures of each of the dolls, but to save loading time on our page have only shown one. We would love to send you additional pictures of any of the dolls you see on this page (or any other of our pages) if you will just ask by clicking on the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page along with your request.

Are you looking for Custom Doll a doll that is made to look just like your little girl? My Twinn offers dolls that are on a different level than any I have seen before. These dolls are large beautiful and completely customizable. From the skin tone, eye color, hair color, hair length, hair style and even hair thickness. You can also have freckles, moles, birth marks and more put on the doll in the correct placement. You can send a picture of your child so they get it just right. You can even have your My Twinn dolls ears pierced. My Twinn also offers matching outfits so your little girl can dress the same as her My Twinn from casual play clothes, pajamas to even dressier outfits the clothes are adorable and have incredible detail just like the dolls. I was so impressed by our doll we did not get a custom doll but instead we received an Adopt a Friend doll. She is beautiful and I did choose one with similar attributes to Kaia like her light blue eyes fair skin and strawberry blonde hair. I love the outfit the doll has it is gorgeous I am totally looking to get the same outfit for Kaia it is way too cute. The doll has a very soft huggable body the hair does get messy fast so I suggest braiding it or pulling it back into a pony tail if your little girl will be playing with it. I really like that the doll comes with an undershirt and panties. Most of Kaia’s dolls end up naked anyway she always asks me where their underwear is so at least with this doll it’s there. While this doll may cost a bit more than other dolls you may find I think it’s worth every penny. To have a doll that looks just like your little girl to me is priceless. They are young for such a short time and having a doll to commemorate their childhood and look upon fondly is just so special. I think what they say is definitely true “A Playmate Today a Keepsake Forever”.



About My Twinn Dolls
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. About My Twinn Dolls Dolls have long been a part of little girls’ lives, and with so many options, it may be difficult to choose the perfect one. Instead of looking at all the different designs, you can actually make a replica doll of your child through the My Twinn Doll Company. Customized dolls are the priority in this innovative company. Imagine, now you can please your child with a lifelike recreation of her, which can become a keepsake for years to come.

My Twinn Dolls are ordered through a multi-step process that parents can do on their own or with their child. The only thing that is needed is Internet access and a picture of your child. The first step is to pick out an outfit for your doll. The company also sells full-sized outfits that match different doll outfits, which include jeans, dresses and skirts in multiple colors. Next, parents choose the skin color and eye color for the doll. There are five different skin tones to choose from and nine different eyes to choose from. You also select the hair color for the doll from 10 different colors. The picture is uploaded directly to the website to help further define the doll’s design and features.
My Twinn Dolls are individually hand-crafted to match specific order details. The sculptor first looks at the child’s picture and determines the proper head shape for the doll. Next, he adds in the custom-selected details along with the hair color. He styles the doll’s hair the same as your child’s picture for authenticity. All of the facial features are hand-painted and include eyebrows, lips and any additions like freckles or moles.
My Twinn Dolls come with a wide range of doll accessories. These include bags, purses, hats, headbands, hair ties, jewelry, shoes and even socks. You can also give the doll other things like replica furniture including kitchen sets, desks and themed bedrooms. Dolls can even have their own pets, which include puppies and kittens. Accessories are available for the animals as well.
The dolls measure out to be 23 inches and feature 18 points of articulation. These articulation points make it easier for the doll to sit, pose and be carried around by its owner. The dolls also come encased in a collectible box for display and storage purposes.
It is important to keep in mind that a typical doll order will take 3 to 4 weeks to process, so ordering should be done as early as possible. Rush orders can be placed on the dolls, but this adds a lot to the final cost. Damaged, faded or scuffed dolls can be sent to the “My Twinn Doll Hospital”. Here, the artisans who create new dolls also work to repair and fix damaged ones.

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How to Buy a My Twinn Doll
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.My Twinn dolls are customized to closely resemble your child. Matching child and doll outfits are also available.

Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Things You’ll Need
My Twinn Accessories
My Twinn Baby Dolls
My Twinn Boy Dolls
My Twinn Dolls
My Twinn Friend Doll
My Twinn Matching Outfits

Understand that My Twinn dolls are dolls that are custom made to resemble your child.

Visit the My Twinn Web site or call 1-800-4-MYTWINN to obtain a catalog. Dolls can only be ordered through the company.

Know that a My Twinn doll starts at $98.95 for a non-poseable doll that is ordered before October. Prices rise the closer you get to Christmas. The most expensive doll is $169.95, a poseable doll ordered in mid to late December.

Notice that My Twinn dolls provide customized hair, skin, eyes, moles, freckles, birthmarks, eyelashes, eyebrows and face shape. You must send in a color photo of your child with your order. You specify how you want the doll’s hair cut and styled. All dolls are 23 inches tall.

Look at some of the outfits you can order. Outfits come in two pieces – one for the doll and a matching one for your child. A wide variety of outfits is available and prices range from about $40 to $70 for the sets. Accessories are also available.

Recognize that My Twinn dolls are also available for boys.

Consider buying a “When She Was a Child” My Twinn doll. The company will take an old childhood photo of an adult of any age and create a doll to resemble the person as a child.

Make sure you look at the My Twinn babies as well. You can order a customized My Twinn baby to resemble a baby or photo of a child as a baby, or you can order one of 15 pre-made dolls. The babies are 20 inches long and cost $89.95. Clothing and accessories are available for My Twinn babies as well.

Remember that you can order a My Twinn customized doll up until December 15 and still receive it in time for Christmas.

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