Double Your Coupons on Webkinz

How to Double Your Coupons on Webkinz

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Has Webkinz lost its touch again? Have nothing to do? Well if you’re bored and in the mood to take a risk then why not attempt getting some free coupons on Webkinz?


  1. Log in to Webkinz.
  2. Go to the shop, if you have a coupon.
  3. Buy a item.
  4. Put the coupon on it.
  5. Remove the coupon.
  6. Exit out of the shop.
  7. Now, you should have 2 coupons.


  • The more coupons you have, the faster you get them.
  • You can do this with up to as many as you want!
  • You can’t send these out to your friends.
  • If it doesn’t work the first time, try again until it does!


  • As soon as you log out, all the coupons you have made will be gone. Be sure to sell them or use them before logging out!
  • There is a chance that Ganz will find out and your account will get banned, you will lose your coupons, or your account may get deleted. Try this at your own risk because it is considered cheating.

Things You’ll Need

  • A Webkinz Account
  • An Official Virtual Webkinz Coupon
  • A computer with Internet access

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