Master List of Webkinz

Webkinz are stuffed toy animals that each come with a “secret code” that allows access to the “Webkinz World” website. They come in different types, such as normal, jungle, underwater, and flying animals. Each Webkinz and Lil’Kinz comes with a special item, which users can put in their pet’s room, and a unique food, which they can feed to their virtual Webkinz. Some Webkinz can only be bought online at the Webkinz e-store, such as birthstone and fox-like pets. These are only virtual pets and do not come with a stuffed animal version. The Bubblegumasaurus and the Love Dino both resemble a Stegosaurus according to the site. Though pets can have any gender, some Webkinz pets have feminine looks. In August 2008, Ganz released its 100th pet, in October 2009, Ganz released its 200th pet, and in April 2010, Ganz released its 300th pet. The Signature Endangered African Bush Elephant will come out in February, 2011.

Here you will find a current Master List of Webkinz, with an up-to-date list of retired Webkinz, a full list of webkinz toys, complete list of pets, List of Webkinz, retired webkinz, and seasonal webkinz.

The Complete List of Retired Webkinz and Seasonal Webkinz

Over the past several years, Webkinz animals have become a popular item for a wide age range of children (and adults, too, as odd as it may sound!). The number of new Webkinz never seems to stop growing, but as new are made available, the old are getting the boot. This doesn’t mean, however, they can’t still be played. Just the opposite, actually – they become more special to play when you can’t easily buy them in stores anymore!

Webkinz Name Released Retired
Aardvark Webkinz No
Afghan Hound Webkinz Apr-10 No
Airedale Terrier Webkinz No
Alley Cat Webkinz Apr-06 No
Alpaca Webkinz No
American Albino Webkinz Aug-08 Yes
American Buffalo Webkinz Oct-08 Yes
American Cocker Spaniel Webkinz Apr-08 Yes
American Golden Webkinz Jan-09 No
Amethyst Hound Webkinz Only available during the month of February (and at certain events) No
Angora Bunny Webkinz No
Apatosaurus Webkinz No
Aquamarine Puppy Webkinz Only available during the month of March (and at certain events) No
Arctic Fox Webkinz Mar-09 No
Arctic Polar Bear Webkinz No
Aries Ram Webkinz No
Baby Penguin Webkinz Dec-09 No
Badger Webkinz No
Barred Owl Webkinz No
Basset Hound Webkinz May-05 Yes
Bat Webkinz Sep-08 Seasonal
Batik Elephant Webkinz No
Beagle Webkinz May-07 Yes
Beaver Webkinz Feb-10 No
Bengal Tiger Webkinz Mar-08 No
Betta Fish Webkinz No
Bichon Frise Webkinz No
Billy Goat Webkinz No
Black and White Cat Webkinz May-05 No
Black and White Cheeky Dog Webkinz Feb-08 Yes
Black Bear Webkinz Apr-05 No
Black Cat Webkinz Aug-07 Seasonal
Black Friesian Webkinz Jul-07 Yes
Black Lab Webkinz Feb-07 Yes
Black Panther Webkinz Dec-08 No
Black Poodle Webkinz Jan-08 No
Blossom Fish Webkinz Jan-09 Virtual
Blossom Sea Turtle Webkinz No
Blue Googles Webkinz May-09 No
Blue Springtime Chick Webkinz March 2010 – Only available around Easter No
Blue Whale Webkinz Feb-09 No
Blueberry Cheeky Dog Webkinz May-10 Yes
Blufadoodle Webkinz Nov-09 No
Border Collie Webkinz No
Boston Terrier Webkinz Apr-09 No
Bottlenose Dolphin Webkinz Sep-08 No
Boxer Webkinz No
Brilliant Bandit Webkinz No
Brown Arabian Webkinz Oct-07 No
Brown Cow Webkinz Dec-08 Yes
Brown Dog Webkinz Mar-08 No
Bubblegum Cheeky Cat Webkinz Yes
Bubblegumasaurus Webkinz Sep-08 Virtual
Bull Terrier Webkinz No
Bulldog Webkinz Mar-07 No
Bullfrog Webkinz Jan-07 No
Bushbaby Webkinz No
Calico Cat Webkinz No
Camel Webkinz Nov-08 No
Camo Rhino Webkinz No
Cancer Crab Webkinz No
Candy Leopard Webkinz Jan-10 No
Capricorn Goat Webkinz No
Caramel Lion Webkinz Aug-08 No
Carousel Horse Webkinz No
Caterpillar Webkinz Sep-09 No
Chameleon Webkinz No
Charcoal Cat Webkinz Nov-07 No
Charming Panda Webkinz No
Cheeky Cat Webkinz Sep-05 Yes
Cheeky Dog Webkinz Sep-05 Yes
Cheeky Monkey Webkinz Jun-06 Yes
Cherry Blossom Bird Webkinz Jun-09 No
Cherry Soda Pup Webkinz No
Cheshire Cat Webkinz Mar-10 No
ChiChi Chihuahua Webkinz No
Chicken Webkinz Apr-08 No
Chihuahua Webkinz Mar-06 No
Chillin’ Sea Lion Webkinz No
Chimpanzee Webkinz Jan-09 No
Chinchilla Webkinz Yes
Chipmunk Webkinz Sep-08 No
Chocolate Lab Webkinz Jun-07 Yes
Cinnamon Dachshund Webkinz No
Citrus Dragon Webkinz Oct-09 No
Cloud Sheep Webkinz Oct-09 No
Clover Cat Webkinz No
Clover Puppy Webkinz Jan-10 Seasonal
Clown Fish Webkinz Oct-08 No
Clydesdale Webkinz May-07 No
Cocker Spaniel Webkinz Apr-05 No
Cocoa Dinosaur Webkinz Aug-08 Yes
Cocoa Lab Webkinz No
Collie Webkinz Nov-07 Yes
Cookies and Cream Koala Webkinz Virtual
Cotton Candy Bunny Webkinz Feb-09 Seasonal
Cotton Candy Puppy Webkinz No
Cotton Candy Sheep Webkinz Jul-09 No
Cotton Top Tamarin Webkinz No
Cow Webkinz Apr-05 No
Coyote Webkinz No
Cream Soda Pup Webkinz No
Crocodile Webkinz Jul-08 Yes
Cuddly Koala Webkinz No
Curly Camel Webkinz No
Dachshund Webkinz Nov-08 No
Daisy Pig Webkinz No
Daisy Tortoise Webkinz Dec-09 No
Dalmatian Webkinz Apr-07 Yes
Darling Dino Webkinz No
Dazzle Dachshund Webkinz Apr-10 No
Deer Webkinz Aug-08 Yes
Diamond Doggy Webkinz Only available in the month of April (and at certain events) No
Dodo Bird Webkinz No
Domino Cat Webkinz Mar-09 No
Donkey Webkinz Apr-10 No
Dreamy Sheep Webkinz No
Duck Webkinz Jan-08 Seasonal
Eagle Webkinz Sep-08 No
Elephant Webkinz Apr-05 Yes
Eluvant Webkinz No
Emerald Lab Webkinz May-09 Virtual
Emperor Dragon Webkinz Jan-09 No
Endangered Asian Elephant Webkinz Apr-10 No
Endangered Bengal Tiger Webkinz Mar-10 No
Endangered Black African Rhinoceros Webkinz No
Endangered Brown Bear Webkinz No
Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra Webkinz May-10 No
Endangered Clouded Leopard Webkinz No
Endangered Cougar Webkinz No
Endangered Dama Gazelle Webkinz No
Endangered Polar Bear Webkinz No
Endangered Red Panda Webkinz No
Endangered Red Wolf Webkinz No
Endangered Spotted Jaguar Webkinz No
Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla Webkinz No
Fantail Goldfish Webkinz Aug-08 Yes
Fennec Fox Webkinz No
Ferret Webkinz No
Fire Fawn Webkinz Nov-08 Virtual
Fleecy Sheep Webkinz No
Floppy Eared Bunny Webkinz No
Floppy Pig Webkinz Sep-08 Yes
Floral Fox Webkinz Sep-08 Virtual
Fox Webkinz Jul-09 No
Frog Webkinz Aug-05 No
FrooFroo Fox Webkinz No
Garnet Rover Webkinz Jan-10 No
Gecko Webkinz May-08 No
Gemini Butterfly Webkinz No
German Shepherd Webkinz Oct-07 Yes
Ginger Cat Webkinz Jan-10 No
Giraffe Webkinz Oct-09 No
Glamorous Gorilla Webkinz No
Glamour Gecko Webkinz Dec-09 No
Glitzy Dragon Webkinz No
Gobbler Turkey Webkinz No
Gold and White Cat Webkinz May-05 Yes
Golden Pegasus Webkinz No
Golden Retriever Webkinz Apr-05 No
Golden Turkey Webkinz No
Googles Webkinz Aug-06 No
Gorilla Webkinz Apr-06 Yes
Gray and White Cat Webkinz Jul-05 Yes
Green Earth Puppy Webkinz No
Green Seadragon Webkinz Sep-09 No
Green Shimmer Snake Webkinz May-09 Virtual
Grey Arabian Webkinz Jan-08 No
Grey Langur Webkinz Nov-08 No
Grey Owl Webkinz Jan-09 No
Grey Squirrel Webkinz Dec-08 Yes
Grey Wolf Webkinz Jul-08 Virtual
Griffin Webkinz Apr-09 Virtual
Grizzly Bear Webkinz No
Groundhog Webkinz Jan-09 No
Guinea Pig Webkinz Apr-09 No
Harmony Puppy Webkinz No
Hedgehog Webkinz Dec-08 No
Himalayan Webkinz Feb-08 No
Hippie Hippo Webkinz No
Hippo Webkinz Apr-05 No
Holiday Husky Webkinz No
Holland Lop Bunny Webkinz No
Horse Webkinz May-06 Yes
Hound Dog Webkinz No
Husky Webkinz Jun-07 No
Ice Cream Scoop Snail Webkinz No
Ice Dragon Webkinz No
Iguana Webkinz Aug-09 No
Irish Setter Webkinz Feb-09 No
Jack Russell Webkinz May-09 No
Jackalope Webkinz No
Jelly Bean Puppy Webkinz No
Kangaroo Webkinz Feb-08 No
Key Lime Dino Webkinz Jan-09 No
King Charles Spaniel Webkinz No
Koala Webkinz Apr-07 No
Labradoodle Webkinz No
Lamb Webkinz Feb-09 Seasonal
Lava Dragon Webkinz Sep-09 No
Lemon-Lime Gecko Webkinz Jun-08 No
Leo Lion Webkinz No
Leonberger Webkinz No
Leopard Webkinz Mar-07 No
Leopard Lizard Webkinz Apr-08 Yes
Libra Eagle Webkinz No
Lilac Guinea Pig Webkinz No
Lion Webkinz Apr-05 No
Lioness Webkinz May-08 No
Lionfish Webkinz Aug-09 No
Llama Webkinz Nov-09 No
Love Dino Webkinz Feb-09 Seasonal
Love Frog Webkinz Dec-07 Seasonal
Love Kitten Webkinz February 2010 – only available around Valentine’s Day Seasonal
Love Lion Webkinz Dec-09 Seasonal
Love Monkey Webkinz Dec-08 No
Love Puffin Webkinz No
Love Puppy Webkinz Feb-07 Yes
Love Spaniel Webkinz No
Lynx Webkinz No
Magical Retriever Webkinz Aug-08 Virtual
Magnificent Macaw Webkinz No
Majestic Tiger Webkinz No
Mallard Duck Webkinz No
Manatee Webkinz Aug-08 No
Marshmallow Bunny Webkinz Feb-10 No
Marshmallow Chipmunk Webkinz No
Midnight Monster Webkinz No
Minty Moose Webkinz No
Minty Reindeer Webkinz Dec-08 Seasonal
Mistletoe Mouse Webkinz Dec-09 Seasonal
Misty Puppy Webkinz No
Mocha Pup Webkinz Aug-09 No
Mohawk Monkey Webkinz No
Mohawk Puppy Webkinz No
Monkey Webkinz Jun-05 Yes
Moon Fox Webkinz No
Moose Webkinz Dec-09 No
Mountain Goat Webkinz Feb-09 No
Mud Hippo Webkinz Oct-09 No
Mystic Pony Webkinz No
Mystical Panda Webkinz Mar-09 Virtual
Narwhal Webkinz No
Night Mare Webkinz No
Okapi Webkinz No
Old English Sheepdog Webkinz Feb-10 No
Opal Pup Webkinz Oct-09 No
Opossum Webkinz Sep-09 No
Orangutan Webkinz No
Orca Whale Webkinz Nov-08 No
Panda Webkinz Aug-06 No
Papillon Dog Webkinz No
Parakeet Webkinz Nov-08 No
Patchy Puppy Webkinz No
Peace Out Puppy Webkinz No
Peace Puppy Webkinz Mar-10 No
Peace Unicorn Webkinz No
Pearl Pup Webkinz Jun-09 No
Pegasus Webkinz Apr-06 Yes
Pelican Webkinz Feb-09 No
Penguin Webkinz Nov-07 Yes
Peppermint Puppy Webkinz Oct-09 Yes
Peridot Dog Webkinz Aug-09 No
Persian Cat Webkinz Feb-07 No
Petal Puppy Webkinz No
Phoenix Webkinz Mar-09 Virtual
Pig Webkinz Apr-05 No
Pine Marten Webkinz No
Pink and White Cat Webkinz Feb-08 Yes
Pink and White Dog Webkinz Oct-08 Yes
Pink Cockatoo Webkinz Oct-09 No
Pink Dalmatian Webkinz No
Pink Googles Webkinz Jun-08 No
Pink Greyhound Webkinz No
Pink Hippo Webkinz No
Pink Pony Webkinz Jan-07 No
Pink Poodle Webkinz Jun-06 No
Pink Punch Cheeky Dog Webkinz No
Pink Zebra Webkinz No
Pinktastic Peacock Webkinz No
Pinto Webkinz Dec-07 No
Pisces Fish Webkinz No
Pizzazzy Puppy Webkinz No
Plumfadoodle Webkinz No
Polar Bear Webkinz Sep-06 No
Polar Gummy Webkinz No
Polka Back Fish Webkinz Apr-09 No
Pom Pom Chinchilla Webkinz Apr-10 No
Pom Pom Kitty Webkinz May-10 No
Poodle Webkinz Jul-05 No
Porcupine Webkinz Oct-08 No
Portuguese Water Dog Webkinz Jan-10 No
Pot Bellied Pig Webkinz No
Powderpuff Porcupine Webkinz No
Prairie Dog Webkinz No
Prehistoric Mammoth Webkinz No
Pretty Panda Webkinz No
Pretty Peacock Webkinz No
Pterodactyl Webkinz Aug-09 Virtual
Pucker Fish Webkinz Sep-09 No
Pug Webkinz May-06 No
Pumpkin Puppy Webkinz No
Purple Floral Fox Webkinz Jan-09 Virtual
Purple Monster Webkinz Oct-08 Seasonal and Virtual
Purple Springtime Chick Webkinz March 2010 – Only available around Easter No
Rabbit Webkinz Aug-05 No
Raccoon Webkinz Jun-07 Yes
Radiant Rhino Webkinz No
Rainbow Armadillo Webkinz Apr-10 No
Rainbow Zebra Webkinz No
Rainforest Boa Webkinz Jun-09 No
Razzle Dazzle Dog Webkinz No
Red Panda Webkinz No
Red Squirrel Webkinz No
Reindeer Webkinz Oct-07 Seasonal
Rhino Webkinz May-08 Yes
Ribbon Lion Webkinz No
Ribbon Unicorn Webkinz Nov-09 No
Ribbon Yorkie Webkinz No
Ring Tailed Lemur Webkinz Apr-09 No
Rock Candy Croc Webkinz No
Rockerz Bulldog Webkinz No
Rockerz Cat Webkinz No
Rockerz Cow Webkinz No
Rockerz Lion Webkinz No
Rockhopper Penguin Webkinz No
Rooster Webkinz Sep-09 No
Rottweiler Webkinz Jul-08 No
Ruby Retriever Webkinz Jul-09 No
Sabertooth Tiger Webkinz Sep-09 No
Sagittarius Buck Webkinz No
Samoyed Webkinz May-08 Yes
Sapphire Spaniel Webkinz Sep-09 No
Schnauzer Webkinz Feb-08 No
Scorpio Snake Webkinz No
Scottish Terrier Webkinz No
Sea Otter Webkinz Dec-08 No
Seal Webkinz Oct-07 No
Seaspray Dolphin Webkinz No
Shamrock Dragon Webkinz Mar-10 No
Shar Pei Webkinz No
Shark Webkinz Nov-09 No
Sheep Webkinz Sep-08 Yes
Sherbet Bunny Webkinz Apr-07 Yes
Shih Tzu Webkinz No
Shimmer Bunny Webkinz No
Siamese Webkinz Jun-08 No
Sifaka Lemur Webkinz No
Signature Arctic Fox Webkinz No
Signature Australian Shepherd Webkinz No
Signature Beagle Webkinz No
Signature Beaver Webkinz No
Signature Bengal Cat Webkinz No
Signature Bernese Mountain Dog Webkinz No
Signature Black Bear Webkinz May-10 No
Signature Black Footed Ferret Webkinz No
Signature Calico Cat Webkinz Aug-09 No
Signature Cheetah Webkinz Nov-09 No
Signature Chimpanzee Webkinz May-09 No
Signature Cocker Spaniel Webkinz Sep-09 No
Signature Cow Webkinz May-10 No
Signature Deer Webkinz No
Signature Dutch Bunny Webkinz Feb-10 No
Signature English Spot Bunny Webkinz No
Signature Fox Webkinz Apr-10 No
Signature German Shepherd Webkinz Jan-10 No
Signature German Shorthaired Pointer Webkinz No
Signature Golden Retriever Webkinz Jun-09 No
Signature Harp Seal Webkinz No
Signature Hippopotamus Webkinz No
Signature King Charles Cocker Spaniel Webkinz No
Signature Koala Webkinz No
Signature Labradoodle Webkinz No
Signature Lion Webkinz No
Signature Lop Bunny Webkinz No
Signature Normande Cow Webkinz No
Signature Orange Tabby Webkinz No
Signature Panda Webkinz Apr-09 No
Signature Penguin Webkinz Dec-09 No
Signature Pig Webkinz No
Signature Pomeranian Webkinz No
Signature Portuguese Water Dog Webkinz No
Signature Pot-Bellied Pig Webkinz No
Signature Raccoon Webkinz Jul-09 No
Signature Ragdoll Cat Webkinz No
Signature Short Haired Yorkie Webkinz Apr-10 No
Signature Siberian Husky Webkinz No
Signature Small Black Lab Webkinz No
Signature Small German Shepherd Webkinz No
Signature Small Lamb Webkinz No
Signature Timber Wolf Webkinz Oct-09 No
Signature White Persian Cat Webkinz No
Signature Wild Bactrian Camel Webkinz No
Silkie Chicken Webkinz No
Silverback Gorilla Webkinz Aug-08 No
Silversoft Cat Webkinz Aug-09 No
Skunk Webkinz Aug-08 No
Sloth Webkinz No
Small Signature Chimpanzee Webkinz No
Small Signature Chipmunk Webkinz No
Small Signature Golden Retriever Webkinz No
Small Signature Grey Tabby Cat Webkinz No
Small Signature Pug Webkinz No
Small Signature Sea Turtle Webkinz No
Snow Leopard Webkinz No
Snow Yeti Webkinz No
Snowman Webkinz Oct-08 Seasonal
Snowy Owl Webkinz No
Sock Monkey Webkinz Jan-10 No
Sour Watermelon Hound Webkinz No
South African Springbok Webkinz No
Sparkling Pegasus Webkinz Mar-10 No
Splash Dragon Webkinz No
Spotted Frog Webkinz May-07 No
Spotted Leopard Webkinz Jul-08 No
Spotted Sea Monster Webkinz Nov-09 No
Spotted Seal Webkinz May-10 No
Spotted Turtle Webkinz Feb-09 No
Spotty Dinosaur Webkinz Mar-09 No
Spring Celebration Bunny Webkinz Apr-09 Seasonal and Virtual
Springbok Webkinz No
Springer Spaniel Webkinz Jun-09 No
Springy Kangaroo Webkinz No
St Bernard Webkinz May-05 Yes
St Pats Setter Webkinz No
Stegosaurus Webkinz May-10 No
Sterling Cheeky Cat Webkinz No
Stormy Dragon Webkinz No
Strawberry Cloud Leopard Webkinz Nov-09 No
Strawberry Cow Webkinz No
Striped Snake Webkinz Jun-08 Yes
Sugar Glider Webkinz No
Sugar Rush Butterfly Webkinz No
Sugarplum Cheeky Monkey Webkinz No
Summer Beaver Webkinz No
Sun Bear Webkinz No
Sun Fox Webkinz No
Sunflower Lion Webkinz No
Sunset Giraffe Webkinz No
Swordfish Webkinz No
Taurus Bull Webkinz No
Tawny Pup Webkinz Jul-09 No
Thunderbird Webkinz Apr-10 No
Tickled Pink Cat Webkinz No
Tie Dye Frog Webkinz Jan-08 No
Tie Dyed Puppy Webkinz No
Tiger Webkinz Sep-05 No
Tiger Snake Webkinz Mar-08 Yes
Tinkerpup Webkinz Oct-08 Virtual
Toco Toucan Webkinz Jul-08 Yes
Topaz Terrier Webkinz Nov-09 No
Tree Frog Webkinz Nov-06 No
Tree Kangaroo Webkinz Feb-10 No
Triceratops Webkinz Jan-10 Yes
Trick or Treat Troll Webkinz Oct-09 No
Tropical Island Pup Webkinz No
Turkey Webkinz Sep-09 No
Turtle Webkinz Dec-07 No
Tuxedo Cat Webkinz No
Twilight Dragon Webkinz No
Unicorn Webkinz Jun-05 Yes
Velvety Elephant Webkinz Jan-08 No
Violetwing Butterfly Webkinz Mar-09 Virtual
Virgo Horse Webkinz No
Walrus Webkinz Jul-09 No
Warthog Webkinz Apr-10 No
Weimaraner Webkinz Nov-09 No
Welsh Corgi Dog Webkinz No
Whimsy Dragon Webkinz May-08 No
White Swan Webkinz Apr-09 No
White Terrier Webkinz May-06 No
White Tiger Webkinz No
Winter Fawn Webkinz No
Wolf Webkinz No
Wombat Webkinz No
Woolly Mammoth Webkinz Jun-09 No
Yellow Lab Webkinz Oct-07 Yes
Yellow Springtime Chick Webkinz March 2010 – Only available around Easter No
Yorkie Webkinz Jul-06 No
Zebra Webkinz May-09 No
Zircon Puppy Webkinz Dec-09 No
Zodiac Taurus Bull Webkinz May-10 No

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