How to Draw Webkinz

How to Draw Webkinz

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Have you ever wanted to draw webkinz, but couldn’t? Well, here’s how.


  1. If you have a webkinz, you could get it to model. If you don’t, that’s okay.
  2. Start by drawing a head. if it’s a dog, you might want a muzzle.
  3. cats can just have a circle head. other animals might just have to be a circle too.
  4. Draw a body. you can just draw a circle with 4 more circles coming off. or you could draw an upside down triangle under (and in the middle) of the head, then draw 2 rounded rectangles around it,and 2 more legs on the bottom.
  5. Next your pets need a face. start with the eyes. you can make them adorable by draw 2 large circles, then draw a curved line inside them to make (what looks like) 2 cresent moons. color in both the left crescents or the right crescents in both eyes. Do the nose next. cats and dogs can have triangles with smiles under them, but you could draw nostrils or beaks. if they have ears, do them.
  6. Finally you might want a tail sticking out!
  7. You may also color it in.
  8. Enjoy your drawing

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