Care for your Webkinz

How to Care for Your Webkinz

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Caring for a webkinz is easy. Just read this how to and learn.


  1. Feed your pet healthy foods.
  2. Play games to keep them happy.
  3. Look at what the pet likes and buy it.
  4. Go to Dr. quack often.
  5. Give your pets lots of sleep.
  6. If you think your pet is lonely, go to the clubhouse.


  • If you do not have a lot of kinzcash go to the sale section to buy food.
  • If your pet is sick, buy vitamins.
  • A webkinz cannot die.
  • Do not waste your kinzcash on empty rooms.


  • If your year is up buy another webkinz.
  • If you are not on webkinz for 4 months they will delete your account.

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